Tour of Pula

Tour of Pula
Tour of Pula
Tour of Pula
Some people enjoy being a part of a larger group, while some prefer a company of a few closest friends or family members and I offer a personalized sightseeing targeted to the visitors of Pula who seek an individual approach. Only you are my client and you choose the people you will spend the time with during the sightseeing. The benefit of this type of service is that you can reserve the tour according to your time, plans and interests. Even during the tour you can take a break whenever and wherever you want. Duration of the tour is usually around 2 hours, but it can last shorter or longer and mostly depends on your own tempo. The included sights are: Amphitheatre (Arena), Twin Gates, Hercules Gate, Arch of the Sergi, Forum and other upon request.
We wish you a pleasant stay in Pula.
Duration: 2 h / Price: 450 kn (60 €) / Number of persons: 1-6 Entrance tickets included: no /
Languages: English and Croatian
Vesna Ivetić, licenced tour guide.
Contact / mobile: +385915776574


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