Kalavojna Winery

Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna Winery
Kalavojna winery is located in a small Istrian village called Radeki Polje just outside the city of Pula. If you're looking for wine characteristic to this region paired with food most of which is from Kalavojna's garden or a quiet place to relax from the city bustle, you'll come to the right place.
Kalavojna has a rich offer of bottled wine such as Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Yellow Musckat (dry and semidry), Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and of sparkling wine such as Bon Castello Blanc de Blanc and Bon Castello Rose Teran. 
As a part of winery, Kalavojna has rustic modern tasting room where it offers wine tasting/tour of three sorts:
1. Taste Kalavojna
2 types of white wine (Istrian Malvasia, semidry Yellow Musckat)
2 types of red wine (Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon)
A sparkling wine (Bon Castello Blanc de Blanc)
Professional degustation of extra virgin olive oil 
A plate of dried meat and cheese
Duration time: 30min-1h
Price per adult person: 14 EUR
2. Taste Bon Castello
All wine from the offer,
Both sparkling wines (Bon Castello Blanc de Blanc, Bon Castello Rose Teran),
Professional degustation of extra virgin olive oil,
Guided tour through cellars and vineyards
Guided wine&food pairing,
Finger food containing 4 types of homemade bruschettas with seasonal vegetables (from our garden)
Groceries from local producers; 
A plate of dried meat and cheese; 
Seasonal fruit from our garden; 
Vegetarian risotto
Duration time: 2-3h
Price per 2 adult person: 40 EUR 
Price for more than 2 adult person: 35 EUR 
3. Wine tasting for larger groups (more than 30 people)
For groups larger than 30 people and bus tours Kalavojna organize wine tastings according to visitors' requests and its possibilities. 
For reservations or any other questions call: +385918805046
Working hours: 
Kalavojna winery: Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm; Saturday: 8am-1pm
Kalavojna tasting room: every day according to reservations 
Kalavojna is looking forward to seeing you.




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