Croatian Football

Last year in FIFA World Cup in Russia Croatia played against France in the final.
Croatian Football
Croatian Football
Last year in FIFA World Cup in Russia Croatia played against France in the final. Even though we lost, second place in the whole world is quite a result for such a small nation, considering that there is only a little above four million inhabitants of Croatia. To put things in perspective, exactly as half citizens of London. London came into my mind because recently I read that London and northwestern UK have recorded a growth in so called football tourism this last decade. Most of the tourists are consisted of football fans coming to watch the games who spend their money – besides on tickets – on jerseys, cheering props and other sport- related souvenirs. Some tourists specifically visit stadiums as a part of the destination's tourist attraction. 
Besides the football clubs even the city of their residence has some benefits – the transport workers, bars, restaurants and other catering facilities, private shops and accommodation facilities. Now let's go back to the Croatian football players. After taking part in the final match against France, Croatian football team has appeared on a radar of the world public, even those individuals that are not exactly fans of sports. The Croatian Tourist Board has taken advantage of the moment and made a promo video of Croatia as a wonderful tourist destination under a motto “Croatia – Full of Excellent players”. Besides this video, there were some videos and posters trending on social media, for example how to become a Croatian rooter in seven steps or how does a famous British chef Tom Brown make the best football championship Croatian dish.
Football in Istria
First Croatian Football League is consisted of ten Croatian clubs, and NK Istra 1961 from Pula is amongst them. This club is also the most successful one in Istria. The residence of NK Istra is in Pula City Stadium Aldo Drosina with 9 thousand seats, that was renovated ten years ago to meet the FIFA standards. Besides the club matches, there are also national games taking place, so if you ever come across Pula, and you're a football fan, check their web site for a game schedule and maybe start a trend of Croatian football tourism.
by: Vesna Ivetić


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