Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting
Truffle hunting
Truffle hunting
Truffle hunting
Truffle hunting
Truffle hunting
For everyone who wants to discover new and unique experience by exploring the real Istria with the locals, truffle hunting is the adventure you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Croatia. You will find out the story about our long-standing family tradition in truffle hunting, meet our special truffle dogs and hear all the secrets of their training. In the meantime, you can enjoy yourself by tasting our home made truffle specialties, while preparing for the real hunting with dogs in the forest. Reserve your visit date, treat yourself with unforgettable experience and find out the story behind the treasure of nature – the truffle.
Truffle products tasting
Tasting of two kinds of home-made cheese (cow cheese and a mixed sheep and cow’s milk cheese) will be prepared for our guests, together with Istrian salamino containing added black truffles, different truffle creams (the white tartufata, truffles with olives, truffles with Edible Bolete…) and two kinds of extra virgin olive oil with the addition of truffles (one with black and one kind with white truffles). A cold stake is followed by the truffle omelette prepared in front of our guests who take part in the food preparation and creation, while learning about the ingredients and discovering the little secrets of making delicious truffle specialties. At the end – dessert! Home-made whey cheese (a product of a nearby farm) topped with a pear and truffle jam or a truffle honey. The whole experience of discovering and preparing truffle meals is a sort of a cooking class – it’s enjoyable for every visitor, especially because he participated in creating his own dish. This is the experience the visitor will bring back home and carry as a lovely memory of Istria.
Drinks: domestic wine – Teran and Malvasia, homemade juices and teas.
Truffle hunt
The truffle hunt is scheduled after the tasting. Together with the host of the estate accompanied by a truffle dog we leave on foot to the nearby forest, the place of the Istrian underground treasure hunt. The forest is between 5 and 15 minutes of walk away from the house of departure. On the way we will pass through the ‘Path of seven cascades’ – one of Buzet’s greatest natural beauties. This path of many small waterfalls, natural rocks fit for climbing and a beautiful and almost untouched nature complements the ambience of the truffle hunt. During the search and stroll through the forest the visitors have an opportunity for a unique experience full of adrenalin, anticipation and the joy of finding the truffle. Every participant will have a chance to touch and smell this freshly found underground treasure.
The program is conducted throughout the year, but depending on the season, different type of truffle is picked: either black or white. The black truffle (Tuber aestivum, Tuber brumale, Tuber melanosporum) is found and hunted all year round, while the season of the white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) lasts from mid-September till the end of January.
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