A Dream Wedding on a Dream Island

I believe that May and June are the nicest months for organizing a wedding. The nature completely wakes up; everything is green and flowery, full of pleasant scents. The weather is sunny, but not yet...
Sport, fun and Wine all combined in Istria

Recently Istria developed an interesting type of happenings that unite fun, education, gastronomy and sports.Many tourist boards and individual institutions host several events containing the mixture...
Tastes of Childhood - Simple yet Majestic - Istrian Maneštra

One of the top priorities that almost every traveler has is enjoying local cuisine. In my opinion, Istrian food and drinks are quite appealing.
Istrian Cuisine - Imaginative, Traditional and Natural

Thanks to my current occupation, as well as some part time jobs during the last years, I was lucky to dine in many different restaurants in Istria.
Stories of Istrian Lighthouses
Stories of Istrian Lighthouses
by: Vesna Ivetić

Istria has nine active lighthouses and all of them have a legend of their own.
Villa rentals in Istria - The Beautiful Synergy of Green and Blue Istria

Istria, the Croatian strongest tourist region, is the place of cultural and natural resources, synergy of sea and land, urban and rural.
Cape Kamenjak - Chrystal Blue Sea of the Primordial Mediterranean

If you're the type of person who enjoys relaxing in modern tourist resorts with all of the modern assets, there is no need to continue reading this text. No, no, don't go, I'm just kidding!
Istrian extra Virgin Olive Oils are... one of the best in the World

Did you know that one of the oldest Mediterranean olive trees grows in Istrian national park Brijuni? It is 1.600 years old and still produces this precious plant.
Tinjan area in Central Istria
Tinjan area in Central Istria
by: Vesna Ivetić

Recently I walked through the tracks of my childhood: once again my life path led me to Tinjan. I used to come here much more often in my earlier days.