Labin - Rabac

Labin - Rabac
Labin - Rabac

Labin and Rabac are the parts of Eastern Istrian coast that have the highest concentration of visitors. But the other places from this part of Istria also have a great tourist potential and, compared to western Istrian coast, are far less crowded during summer season. The old city Labin, the beautiful seaside jewel Rabac, gastronomic delights of Trget, Rakalj’s picturesque vistas, the breathtaking natural beauties of Krnica and a completely customized tourist resort in Duga uvala are some of the highlights of this area.


Villa Adrimar
from 1.730,00 €/week
Your Island Resort!
Villa Casa Ida
from 1.099,00 €/week
Villa Casa Ida is a charming retreat with pool in...
Villa Dragica
from 1.540,00 €/week
Villa Dragica is an ideal place to relax with...
Villa Monique
from 1.015,00 €/week
Villa Monique – A...