Rovinj is the absolute favorite amongst tourists from around the globe. This town, together with the places gravitating towards it, is Croatia’s most visited area. The rare type of medieval architecture, the view of the deep blue sea, the calming sounds, looks and the scents of nature are just a tiny part of Rovinj’s magic. Many international travel magazines and portals single out Rovinj as a must-see place and its nickname “Pearl of the Adriatic” is completely justified. Lovely Istria has around dozen villas in Rovinj area and we recommend visiting two beautiful islands opposite of Rovinj, the nearby ruins of old town Dvigrad, nature reserves Lim Bay and Palud and a charming medieval town Bale.


Villa Zvonar
from 1.237,00 €/week
A breathtaking luxury stone villa with a...
Villa MyElla
from 1.102,00 €/week
Villa MyElla – Tradition Meets Modern in a...
Villa Prisedi
from 999,00 €/week
Beautiful Villa in Rakalj near the sea with...
Villa My Koltrina
from 1.600,00 €/week
Villa My Koltrina is an elegant 5-star vacation...